California Takes Stance Against Federal Level in Fight for Cannabis

No local agency will be able to provide support for federal powers against cannabis consumers and businesses
By Bryan Mc Govern • June 11, 2017

The battle between US states and the federal power is intensifying as California gets closer to becoming a ‘sanctuary state,’ safe from federal power against cannabis.
The vote took place  just over a week ago, and represented one of the first tangible legal actions taken in the unspoken fight between the states and the federal level when it comes to cannabis. A number of states have moved forward with positive legislation allowing the medical and even recreational use of the drug, while at the federal level the drug is still illegal.
The bill prohibits state or local agencies from providing support to federal causes investigating the “commercial or noncommercial marijuana or medical cannabis activity,” which has been cleared by the State of California.
“The successful Assembly floor vote means the bill has cleared its first house, before today’s deadline, and now heads to the State Senate to be heard by the Senate Public Safety Committee,” Marijuana Industry News wrote.

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