Lawmakers attempt to reclassify marijuana

Alexa Block , KREM 9:28 AM. PDT April 10, 2017

(Photo: Vince Chandler, 2016 The Denver Post, MediaNews Group

Lawmakers are considering easing the classification of marijuana, which would change the way that marijuana is recognized on a national level.
Here in Washington marijuana is a billion dollar industry, but possible new federal laws could cause sales to soar even more.
Two Florida congressmen have proposed federal legislation that would reschedule marijuana. The schedule system classifies drugs by how harmful they can be to people.
Currently, the drug is a schedule one drug, on par with heroin and LSD.
The congressmen are proposing to classify marijuana as a schedule three drug, like Tylenol with codeine.
Those behind the bill want to see the level reduced to allow weed to be used in medical and scientific research, as well as make it easier for ill patients to use it.
Those in the recreational marijuana business say they could also benefit from the new legislation.
“The possibility of rescheduling marijuana is a huge step in the right direction,” Cinder owner Justin Peterson said.
Peterson said that rescheduling marijuana is a step in legalizing marijuana at a federal level, which could mean less federal taxation for those who are in the industry.
“As someone who is in the illegal industry federally. We have to fill out this form and say even though we are reporting our income we still have to pay taxes on things that normal businesses, any other retail business would be able to write off we cannot write off,” Peterson said.
It remains to be seen how far this legislation will go.
Back in February it was reported Attorney General Jeff Sessions could call for a federal crackdown on marijuana across the United States.
For now, retailers like Peterson remain hopeful.
“I think we’re definitely moving in the right direction if it does happen but I’m hopeful,” Peterson said.

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