New Law Creates Procedure For Approving Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

December 31, 2016 News/Talk 94.9 WSJM

One bit of work that Michigan lawmakers managed to get done in 2016 was a reform of the state’s medical marijuana laws. Under the plan that has now been signed by the governor, medical marijuana dispensaries will get a legal framework to set up shop, and even edibles will become legal. State Representative Mike Callton was behind the plan. He says marijuana will become a billion dollar industry in Michigan. “It’s going to be more jobs, it’s going to generate some tax revenue for the state and for municipalities,” Callton said. Under the new law medical marijuana operators can apply for five different types of licenses, from a grower’s license to a retailer’s license. Callton says it gets the medical marijuana system more in line with how alcohol is handled.

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